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We are a specialist trades training organisation. No other organisation can match our training combination. All you need is the commitment and determination to succeed – we’ll do the rest. Find out more on New Trades Career site.

Assessors for New Trades Career students

Vincent: New Trades Career Review

I am a qualified gas tutor. I have been a gas engineer for 25 years.

I like working here and get great satisfaction working with other assessors as well as in helping students.

Mark: New Trades Career Reviews

I am a qualified plumbing assessor. I work at one of the centres and help train New Trades Career students.

I have done work from domestic plumbing to working on the Olympics. It’s been 34 years and I have never not had money.

I see students grow in confidence in their own ability and knowledge, When students finish at the centre they have a great sense of achievement. They walk out different people, and that’s nice to see.

Tom: New Trades Career Review

I am a qualified welding assessor. When students arrive they feel a little nervous because it’s a step into something new.

We soon put them at their ease and they quickly learn that we are here to provide help for them.

By the time students complete their training, they feel confident, they have faith in themselves and they’re ready to go forward and face the world.

Gary: New Trade Career Review

I’m a qualified plumbing assessor. I work at one of the centres which train New Trades Career students.

I teach plumbing and renewables level two and three. The subjects taught by us help the student start their career as a plumber. We teach in such a way that it helps them when they’re actually in their jobs, we given them the knowledge for the real world.

When students start, they generally feel nervous, but we make them feel comfortable and built their confidence through training.

The students I’ve trained over the years have gone on to be very successful, some have their own successful business now or have gone on to get full time employment in the plumbing industry.

New Trades career reviews
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