Jervan G – Story

Jervan tell us why he decided to be a plumber.

My first few jobs were in retail, and being young, I did not care as long as I was getting paid. During my time there I realised that it wasn’t for me; the abuse I received from customers was not worth the minimum wage I was getting. Even when I became Supervisor and Manager, I was not fulfilled and going to work was very forced.

The end goal for me is to be a gas engineer; however, I understand that plumbing is a key component, so I want to be a competent plumber to help with that goal.

I was told by my father from the age of 14 to learn a trade, but being young and stubborn I never listened; his words still ring in my head ‘when you learn a trade, you are always in work’. This line has kept me going.

Knowing that everyone needs a plumber, and that my job is to help people, is a great feeling.