Eriks D Story

Hi! Last summer me and my wife make a life-changing decision, we and our 3 years old son moved from Latvia to England for a living. I’m an experienced tinsmith-roofer and I have been wander new roofs, repair and upgrade them used double-locked standing seam technology and been worked with tiles roofs as well. I have participated in renovation and restoration projects, where we changed and repaired the roofs of churches and historic buildings. Once in 3 months I have been travelling to Sweden to help local tinsmiths with some works, which was my main money-making. When the covid pandemic begins, travelling became very difficult, my wife lost her main job and closed her small makeup studio and then we realized that is the time to leave our home and start a new life. We choose to come to England, because my mother in law lives there and my wife’s English language knowledge was very good and for her would be easier to find a job. Unfortunately at that time, I could not say nothing good about my English language and only place where I find a job was a warehouse as a forklift driver. After two months living in England I find in a local college English language course, which been designed for non-English speakers and I applied for it. My application was successful and I started to study in a college. After half a year of hard study of the English language, I finally started to understand reading, listening and my speaking was getting better and better, of course with a horrible accent, but people understand me any way. After I learned a little bit better English I started to check all information that I needed to become an employee in construction yard and get back on the roof, because warehouse jobs doesn’t make me happy and I’m not fit for that kind of work. I found out that for a construction yard work I need to get a CSCS labour card and to get that, I have to finish Health and Safety Awareness course and pass Health and Safety Environment test for Operatives. First thing what I done, I ordered a book on construction health and safety awareness and started to study. I prepared myself for a test. The most important information I find out was that average 35 construction workers are killed each year in work-related accidents and the biggest cause of deaths (around half) falls from height, with an average of seven people dying each year as a result of falling through fragile roofs. This statistical information makes me start to think deeper and I remembered all the dangerous moments of my roofing career. That’s all made to change my career decision, because I have family, I have a son, and the priority of my life are they. I started to look for a job what would be the same interesting like roofing and not so dangerous, because I want still to stay in construction. After a long searching on the internet, I found a plumber jobs and I started think to be came a plumber. You are working with water and help the water find the correct direction of flow, you are most of the time inside the building, not on top of the roof. You are still working with metal, but now instead of metal sheets you got bend pipes. After I realized what I want, I find New Trades Career Plumbing and Heating Engineering course and I apply for it. The first moment I was scared, because of my English, but after I received a call from Jonathan and have a good conversation with him, I calm down and started to believe in myself. The first two months was very hard, because I have to understand all information in the English language, sometimes I have to read it twice, sometimes even more till I get it. After the third month of studying, I find myself thinking that my knowledge of English has doubled and all thanks to this course. Now I can write this story and share it with other people. Every module step by step delivers me more and more useful and interesting information about plumbing. Now begins my fourth month of the course and I’m doing well because I have passed the module 9 assessment, I managed to combine my studies with 12 hours shift at work, regular training in the gym and of course spending time with my family. Last week I got my CSCS labour card and met one of the people who offered me a job in the construction industry in a tiller position. Now I have to do a tiller 11 – day short course, who is going to start on next week. Finally, I can leave the warehouse job and be closer to the job that I wanted to do. When I will start to work as a tiller, the main job has to be done in the bathroom who brings me closer to the plumbing industry. After one year of living in England, I got very good life experience and this is just the beginning of my journey. Many thanks for your attention and I’m hoping that my story which I share is useful and please don’t judge me hard about mistakes which I did writing this.