Amy’s Story

Before undertaking the training I was a career working with young adults with learning disabilities. After 4 years I decided for a change of career.

I had a look online for new job opportunities; this is where I came across this plumbing course. So I decided to apply not knowing I would get a place on the course. When starting the course I found it difficult to start with as I did not understand the terminology, but as I read more and continued with the course it became easier to understand.

It’s made a big difference over the past year of the course as it helped me understand different tools, ladders, pipe work and building terminology. This will make a big difference to me when I pass knowing that there is not many female plumbers where I live, and it will be huge to help people out with plumbing related issues. I am also looking to earn a lot more money and be able to buy my own place.
I would love to have my own business, and to be in a position to take on and support other people who want to get into the plumbing trade.